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And fast.

Hooray! You’ve started your beauty business and you’re looking forward to making a real profit from people who love anything beauty.

You’ve decided you’re gonna make this work because you are passionate about beauty solutions and even have several product ideas you constantly daydream about launching.

That means you’re not just the CEO of your brand.

You’re also the creative director/manager who has to think of names to call these products, the one who has to write its launch dates down on a calendar, and then write up email sequences to send out to your email list— and don’t forget…

Should you use them both or is it overkill to do so?

Woman with light skin in dewy complexion with glossed lips
Photo by Gabb Tapic from Pexels

With each passing year, more and more people have become enticed by the benefits of face serums and facial oils on a global scale. Gone are the days when we thought all we needed to have that clean and healthy glow was a daily face wash from our local pharmacy, and moisturizer with the added benefits of SPF.

And maybe a weekend face mask.

According to Statista, facial cleansers and acne treatments are two of the best selling skincare items as of 2019 and are projected to only keep growing in the years ahead.

It’s true that there has been…

Skincare items with lemon cucumber slices and aloe vera with face oils

Start simple. Start here.

In my early twenties, I told myself that soon I would need to start a skin care regimen to help protect my face from symptoms of aging. My hope was to actually have one established by the time I turned 25.

But at 28 I was still partying, still being under the sun, and still going to bed with makeup on. Soon after that, I started becoming paranoid. Was that a wrinkle underneath my eye? I was beginning to see little dark spots on my cheeks that were never there before!

The very first thought I had waking up one…

Rachel Alexandra Figueroa

With a deep love for learning, Rachel Alexandra spends her time consuming coffee, reading, and learning new trades. Her current passion is makeup artistry.

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